30Jul 2012
by The Safety Centre

Wirefree Fire Alarm Systems

Wirefree Fire Alarm System

A great product for fast and easy fire alarm systems are the Wirefree Fire Alarm Systems range that form part of our product portfolio.  A Wirefree Fire Alarm System causes minimal distruption to the building fabric and day to day operations of the business during the installation process.

Wirefree Fire Alarm Systems

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The Safety Centre have several wirefree fire alarm systems within our product portfolio.  These systems can be used to achieve a BS5839 compliant fire system.  Some of the wirefree fire alarm systems that utilise a main control panel are EN54 part 25 compliant.  EN54 Part 25 compliant systems need to be used on new wirefree fire alarm systems in order to comply with BS5839.  These systems use 868Mhz as the operating frequency.

The manufacturers of the wirefree fire alarm systems featured on this site are Electro Detectors, HyFire by Sterling Safety, EMS and Aico.  Electro Detectors, HyFire and EMS manufacture systems for commercial and industrial use, whereas Aico manufacture wirelessly interlinked detectors for domestic use.

The Aico range includes detectors that are compatible with a radio link base.  These detectors are mains powered, however the communications between the detectors are made wirelessly with a radio link base plate.

If you’re interested in our wirefree fire alarm systems range, you may also be interested in our Aico Detectors and Klaxon Terrier range.