18Jul 2012
by The Safety Centre


XP95 Fire Alarm Equipment

The Apollo XP95 Fire Alarm Equipment range is analogue addressable.  The XP95 selection includes detectors, call points, sounders, beacons and interfaces.XP95

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The XP95 Fire Alarm System is one of the most popular fire alarm systems used within buildings in the UK today.  The XP95 system is an open protocol type, with high performance devices, which still offer great value for money.

The most common XP95 device is the Apollo 55000-600 Detector.  This unit is an Analogue Addressable Optical Smoke Detector for use on the XP95 system.  This product is addressed using the Xpert card addressing system.

The XP95 is currently in use now protecting some of the most prestigious buildings around the world, including The Satue of Liberty in New York, The Royal Albert Hall in London and The Kremlin in Moscow.  The XP95 system was chosen for these buildings because of its superb reputation.

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