14Dec 2012
by Nick Potter

Yuasa NP7-12L 7Ah 12V Sealed Lead Acid Battery With Wide Terminals

The Yuasa NP7-12L is a sealed lead acid battery from the Yuasa NP range.  This battery has a voltage of 12V and a capacity of 7Ah.  It is ideal for use in standby power applications and is commonly used in alarm systems and UPS systems in the UK today.
Yuasa NP7-12L Battery


The Yuasa NP7-12L Sealed Lead Acid Battery features wider terminals than the standard NP7-12 version.  This Yuasa NP7-12L battery is part of the NP ranges which feature batteries of various sizes and shapes.  These batteries are used for countless applications.  The Safety Centre can supply the entire Yuasa range.

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