14Jun 2012
by Nick Potter

Zerio Fire Alarm System Batteries – Wireless Fire Alarm Battery Range

The Zerio System is a wireless fire alarm system.  All the devices used by this system are battery powered.  This article will explain which replacement batteries should be used with which Zerio fire alarm system devices.  All the replacement batteries used by the Zerio System can be purchased on our webshop.

EDA-Q660 Battery Pack

EDA-Q660 Battery Pack

Please Note:-  The colour and layout of the EDA-Q660 Battery assembly have changed throughout the years.

The EDA-Q660 Battery Packs should be used as replacement batteries for the following Zerio devices:-

  • EDA-R1000 Zerio Wireless Optical Smoke Detector
  • EDA-D1000 Zerio Wireless Heat Detector

The EDA-Q660 Battery Packs can be viewed on the following link:-  EDA-Q660 Zerio Battery

EDA-Q670 Battery Pack

EDA-Q670 Zerio Battery

The EDA-Q670 Zerio Battery pack should be used as replacement battery packs for the following Zerio devices.  For the detectors listed below with integral sounders 2 battery packs should be used per device.  The EDA-Q670 Zerio Battery assembly should be used with the following devices:-

  • EDA-R2000 Zerio Wireless Optical Smoke Detector & Sounder (2 Battery Assemblies Required)
  • EDA-D2000 Zerio Wireless Heat Detector & Sounder (2 Battery Assemblies Required)
  • EDA-C1000 Zerio Wireless Call Point
  • EDA-T1000 Zerio Transmitter Unit
  • EDA-T1100 Zerio Silence Alarm Button

The EDA-Q670 Battery Packs can be viewed on the following link:- EDA-Q670 Zerio Battery

EDA-Q620 & EDA-Q630 Battery Packs

EDA-Q620 Zerio BatteryEDA-Q630 Zerio Battery

The EDA-Q620 & EDA-Q630 Zerio Battery assemblies are the main and standby battery assemblies for the Zerio Sounder, Beacon and Actuator range. The EDA-Q620 & EDA-Q670 battery assemblies should be used as a replacement battery for the following Zerio wireless fire alarm devices:-

  • EDA-A2000 Zerio Wireless Sounder
  • EDA-A2050 Zerio Wireless Actuator For Door Release or Strobe
  • EDA-A2080 Zerio Wireless Clean Contact Output Unit
  • EDA-A2060 Zerio Wireless Strobe / Beacon Unit
  • EDA-A2100 Zerio Wireless Booster Unit
  • EDA-A2102 Zerio Wireless Booster Unit with Antenna

The EDA-Q620 & EDA-Q630 Battery Packs Can Be Viewed On The Following Links:- EDA-Q620 Zerio Battery & EDA-Q630 Zerio Battery