07Apr 2011
by The Safety Centre

Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System from Electro Detectors

Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System

The long awaited Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System manufactured by Electro Detectors is now here and available to buy from The Safety Centre.  This system is the latest release from Electro Detectors designed specifically to comply with the new EN54 Part 25.

Each Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System panel can accomodate upto 240 devices across upto 100 zones.  This new system has panel options available in 8, 20 and 100 zone sizes, which means the system can be used for small, medium and large applications.

As with all Electro Detectors systems in the past the Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System boasts a comprehensive range of field devices to compliment the range of panels available.

This system features many of the impressive innovations which were included on the first generation of the Zerio control panels with the addition of further enhancements to ensure that this system is at the forefront of wireless fire alarm system technology.  These features include:-

  • Fully addressable panel
  • Intuitive menu structure
  • 4 access levels
  • Pre-alarm warning
  • Head contamination warning
  • HMO operation
  • Sophisticated test modes
  • Simple set-up
  • Long sensor battery life
  • 72 Hour Standby
  • Up to 15 Signal Boosters
  • Option to Wire Boosters
  • Sophisticated Cause & Effects
  • Multiple Control Panels

Setting up the Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System could not be easier.  Each device is programmed onto the system using a clearly laid out user-friendly menu structure.  There is now no need to physically connect the devices to the control panel as with the first zerio panel, this can now be done wirelessly using radio communications.

Location descriptions can be added to the Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System panel using a Laptop PC or simply programmed using a standard PC keyboard plugged directly into the panel.  For single devices text and information can still be inputted directly into the panel using the keypad in-built in the front of the panel.

With analogue detector functionality and complex multi-path fault tolerant signalling, the system minimizes false alarms whilst providing maximum protection for the occupants of a building.  In order to increase the radio range of the system, either wired or radio booster panels can be installed at appropriate positions.  During the automatic set-up the system will configure this equipment to ensure the most effective operation is achieved.

Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System

For further information on this product please click the following link:- Zerio Plus Wireless Fire Alarm System