12Jul 2012
by Nick Potter

Ziton ZP730-2 Smoke Detector

Ziton ZP730-2 Analogue Addressable Optical Smoke Detector

Ziton are one of the worlds largest manufacturers of Analogue Addressable Panels, Detectors, Call Points and Sounders.

Ziton ZP730-2P Detector

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The Ziton ZP730-2 Smoke Detector is the main Optical Smoke Detector in their analogue addressable fire system equipment range.  This detector uses a photoeletcial optical sensing chamber to sample the environment for smoke particles.  Upon reaching a specified level of smoke obscuration within the optical chambed the Ziton ZP730-2P Smoke Detector will send a message to the control panel to put the system into full ‘fire state’.

The Ziton ZP730-2 Smoke Detector uses the Ziton ZP7-SB1 Base.  This base is installed onto the ceiling, with the loop circuit cables terminating into it.  The Ziton ZP730-2 Smoke Detector then simply plugs into the base plate.

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