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ACT GOLD-PLUS Battery Testing Meter - 6V & 12V

ACT GOLD-PLUS Battery Testing Meter - 6V & 12V


£263.25 (ex VAT) £315.90 (inc VAT)
  • Manufacturer : ACT
  • Part Number : GOLD-PLUS
  • Intelligent Battery Testing Meter
  • Suitable For Both 6 volt & 12 volt batteries
  • Supplied Complete With Leads, Soft Storage Case and Callibration Certificate

ACT GOLD-PLUS Battery Testing Meter - 6V & 12V

PLEASE NOTE : This product is now obsolete and no longer in porduction.  Please contact us for alternative products.

The ACT GOLD-PLUS is an Intelligent Battery Tester for testing both 6 volt and 12 volt batteries of various types.  This meter features advanced pulsed load analysis technology which removes surface charge to accurately measures the available Ah capacity based at the battery's temperature and state of charge. This enables you to check the voltage and capacity of new batteries straight from the box and identify used batteries which show abnormal Ah capacity caused by excess temperature or from being under or overcharged. The meter features a table on the back of the meter indicates when batteries should be recharged or replaced.

This battery tester is used by many security professionals throughout the UK.

ACT GOLD-PLUS Specification

  • Operating Voltage 6V and 12V DC
  • Reverse Polarity Protection Red LED Indication 
  • Max Input Voltage >15VDC 
  • Battery Types SLA (AGM), GEL & Flooded (WET) 
  • Battery Sizes 6V (1.2Ah – 12Ah) and 12V (1.2Ah to 100Ah) 
  • Ah Capacity Test Simulated 20 hour (C20) load test to 10.50VDC 
  • Ah Calibration Calibrated at 0 (zero) position to brand new fully charged premium brand SLA batteries rated at C20hour at 20C (68˚F) 
  • Ah Result Based on the battery under test temperature and state of charge 
  • Ah Adjustment Provides ± Ah adjustment to brand new fully charged standby SLA, cyclic GEL and car FLOODED lead acid batteries 
  • Battery Table Recharge or replace battery when Ah capacity available falls below 65% of the battery’s stated capacity 
  • Display Type Back-lit LCD 
  • Flat Battery Warning 6V
  • Repeat Test Operation Can perform repeat tests continuously 
  • DCV Accuracy ± 2% of displayed reading 
  • Ah Accuracy ± 10% Fully charged premium brand C20hour rated SLA batteries at 20 - 25C (68F - 77F) 
  • Applied Pulse Load 6A 1.2Ah - 7Ah, 18A 8Ah - 100Ah 
  • Ah Cal Adjustment Approx ± 25 dgts 
  • Case Construction High impact ABS 
  • Dimensions 210(H) x 110(W) x 41(D)mm

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