07Sep 2012
by The Safety Centre

Fireco Deafgard

The Fireco Deafgard is a specialist vibrating pillow alarm system.  This unit is ideal for use in Schools, Hotels or even domestic use.  The fireco deafgard unit is completely battery powered with the base unit designed to be positioned next to the bed and the vibrating pillow is positioned under the pillow when the user goes to bed.
 Fireco Deafgard


The Fireco Deafgard works by constantly listening for the fire alarm system sounders and will respond to a sound of above 76dBa.  This is an ideal product to help comply with DDA regulations.  It has a high intensity LED which is integral to the base unit.  This LED will begin to flash when the Deafgard has been activated.  The Fireco Deafgard also has an alarm clock feature which will activate and wake the user at a pre-set time.  It also features a low battery warning feature.

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