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FireClass FC506 Fire Alarm Control Panel - 557.200.726

£751.26 £901.51
  • Manufacturer : FireClass
  • Part Code : FC506 (557.200.726)
  • Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • 6 In 2 Loops

FireClass FC506 6 Loop Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

The FC506 is the newest FireClass addressable solution for a wide range of applications and requirements. Conceived to be extremely easy to install and use, the FC506 is an “out of the box” panel which offers the simplicity of a conventional system and the benefits of the FireClass addressable digital technology.

Auto Addressing, Intelli-Zone, Online Help function, USB interface to upload the configuration and the easiness to configure the panel via integrated keypad are only some of the features that allow the installation and configuration of the panels in just a few simple steps.

The FC506 panel has 6 in 2 loops that can support up to 500 addressable devices and 256 zones. The split loop
technology enables 6 circuits of devices to be connected to two single loops providing greater flexibility and simplifying the wiring process. Once the loop devices are wired the system can be auto addressed by a single click. The devices are automatically assigned to 256 zones, according to the physical loop they are connected to, the system is ready to protect the site.

If the system configuration needs to be modified and the devices re-addressed or the zones re-programmed, the powerful Intelli-Zone feature significantly reduces the configuration time allowing the installer to perform test and programming at once.

The configuration software is extremely user friendly and provides a very nice graphic interface that displays all devices connected to the different zones. A battery and wire calculation tool is included in the software to help the installer in sizing up the system. A free graphic maps software, based on a multilevel maps tree structure allows a remote real time visualization of any loop, zone and point status and the simple remote user interface with control buttons (reset, silence, evacuate), allow users to manage the system from any location in the world.

This new FireClass FC506 control panel supports up to 500 devices, including the double and triple technology detectors and a plenty of modules and sounders, benefiting of one of the widest ranges available in the market.

FireClass FC506 Fire Alarm Control Panel Features

  • 6 in 2 loops
  • Up to 1A current dynamically shared across 3 loop circuits
  • Auto mapping with Intelli-Zone feature
  • Online Help function
  • USB interface dual role Host/Device
  • Multi users and multi installers (Up to 2 installers, 8 users)
  • Walk test function
  • 4000 Event Log
  • Loop break location
  • On board PSTN communicator
  • GSM/GPRS as external module
  • Up to 8 repeaters and up to 7 FC500 Series panel clients
  • Event transmission through PSTN and IP
  • Automatic drift compensation



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