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Kentec ZXT Extinguishant Control Panel (Standard Enclosure) - K192311XM2

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  • Manufacturer : Kentec
  • Part Code : K192311XM2
  • Singla Area (3 Zone) Extinguishing Control Panel
  • Dimensions : W 368 x H 324 x D 96mm

Kentec ZXT Extinguishant Control Panel - K192311XM2

The Kentec Sigma ZXT provides controls and indications for a single area extinguishing release system. Three conventional detection zones provide the alarm stimulus required to activate the release of extinguishant. Any single zone or a combination of multiple zones can be configured to contribute to the release of the extinguishant.

Event Log

The Kentec Sigma ZXT provides a log of all events which occur on the control panel from alarms, faults, disablements, activations etc. Events are logged by time and date even if an active event is cleared. The event log can be downloaded onto a computer via a USB link and the Loop Explorer 2 programming software.

Programmable Outputs

Six programmable volt-free changeover outputs are provided within the Sigma ZXT which can be used for controlling remote devices or signal system status remotely. Each relay can be programmed for one of fourteen possible functions such as Alarm, Fault, Hold, Abort, Released, etc.

Dual Extinguishing Outputs

The Kentec Sigma ZXT can be configured to provide two extinguishing outputs, these can either work together as common outputs or can be configured as main and reserve outputs. Main and reserve outputs allow connection to two sets of extinguishing cylinders, enabling a user to return a system to a functional state quickly following a release.

Dynamic LCD Display

To support standard LED status indicators and as a further visual aid, the ‘Dynamic mode’ feature changes the LCD display colour depending on control panel status:

  • White – Normal condition
  • Red – Fire condition, Released condition
  • Red flashing – During countdown to the released condition
  • Yellow – Fault condition, Disabled condition and Test condition
  • Turquoise – Access level 2
  • Turquoise - Access level 3

Panel Configuration

The panel configuration can be downloaded onto a computer via a USB link. Through Loop Explorer 2 programming software, a full record of the configuration can be provided for commissioning documentation. Regular service testing records can be kept using the same technique.

On-Screen Programming Menus

Sigma ZXT is fully programmable through the front fascia. Clear password accessed menu structure allow for easy configuration. Password access separates ‘User’ controls and settings from ‘Engineer’ configuration options.

Status Units & Ancilliary Card

The full range of Kentec Electronics Sigma Status Indicators, Switches and Ancillaries can be connected to the Sigma ZXT for remote indication.

Backward Compatibility

Sigma ZXT is fully backward compatible with existing Sigma SI status units and ancillaries.

Kentec ZXT Extinguishant Control Panel Range Features

  • Single area extinguishing panel
  • Dual extinguishing outputs with main/reserve configuration option
  • Secure Event logging 1000 events
  • Dynamic LCD Display
  • 4 configurable user passcodes
  • Compatible with I.S. barriers
  • 6 x Programmable relay outputs
  • Countdown timer displays time remaining until release
  • Supports up to seven, Sigma ZXT four-wire status indicators (also compatible with Sigma SI status units for retrofit applications)
  • Larger enclosure available with option of 2.6A or 5.25A PSU
  • Approved and certified to EN12094-1, EN54-2 and EN54-4
  • Compatible with LE2 configuration software


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