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Verkada SV11 Environmental Sensor - Vape Detector

£1,340.75 £1,608.90
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  • Manufacturer : Verkada
  • Part Code : SV11-HW
  • Environmental Sensor
  • Can Detector Vapeing & Smoking Events
  • Price Includes 1st Years Software License

Verkada SV11 Environmental Sensor Ideal For Sensing Vapeing

Please Note : This product is no longer available. The manufacturer recommends using the Verkada SV23 as an alternative.

Verkada’s SV11 is an all–in–one sensor for monitoring environmental changes in physical spaces. With a collection of
powerful embedded sensors, the SV11 simultaneously measures air quality, temperature, humidity, motion, and noise.

The SV11 lends itself to a wide range of use cases. From monitoring air quality in manufacturing facilities to detecting temperature fluctuations in server closets, the SV11 offers a new kind of visibility and insight into physical space. For scenarios where an SV11 is used in a sensitive area, such as a bathroom or locker room, customers can opt to use the sensor without an associated camera or can place one in an adjacent, safe–to–record area.

Each SV11 sensor can be managed from Verkada’s web–based Command platform or the Command mobile application. Customers can configure the device to display the sensor data they wish to monitor, as well as set custom alerts based on defined thresholds. Customers receive alert notifications in real–time, allowing for fast and proactive responses.

Sensor data from the SV11 is visualized in an interactive graph in Command. Customers can associate a Verkada camera with their sensor to provide greater context into environmental changes and events. This video footage and sensor data are automatically synced, ensuring a seamless experience for historical investigations or live monitoring.

The SV11 is natively integrated with Verkada’s Alarms. Events such as motion and noise can be configured to trigger an alarm. While the site is armed, an agent will review the alarm trigger and any associated video footage from nearby cameras in real time.

In addition to monitoring a wide range of environmental changes, the SV11 can detect vaping and smoking events. Schools, hotels, and other smoke–free facilities can monitor vaping and smoking behavior from Command using Verkada’s Vape Index, making it easy to conduct investigations and implement deterrence measures.

Verkada SV11 Environmental Sensor Features

Simple to Install
• Sensors come online and configure in minutes
• No VPNs, added software or complexities
• Users can quickly configure and customize sensors and alerts

Easy to Use
• Color–coded sensor readings and data visualizations
• No training required, with one–click investigations
• Out–of–the–box integration with Verkada cameras

Advantages of Cloud–Managed Solution
• Secure remote access and alert management on any device anywhere
• SAML–based integration with single sign–on (SSO) solutions
• Continuous updates with new features

Ready For Scale
• Cloud–based platform has no limitations on the number of sensors or users
• Remotely monitor sensors across any number of locations
• Minimal bandwidth impact

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