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Yuasa YSP-117 SecurePower Battery Tester

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  • Manufacturer : Yuasa
  • Part Code : YSP-117 (CH0401002)
  • 6 & 12V Battery Tester
  • Measures & Displays The Direct Current Voltage & Conductance Of Batteries

Yuasa YSP-117 Battery Tester

Please Note : This product is now obsolete and no longer in production.  The manufacturer recommends using the Yuasa GYT117 Battery Conductance Tester as an alternative. Please see the related products below.

The Yuasa YSP-117 SecurePower Battery Tester provides a simple method to screen the state-of-health of popularly sized 6 volt and 12 volt sealed lead-acid batteries.

It is a simple easy to use unit that displays battery voltage and conductance displayed in less than 10 seconds.  Utilising patented conductance technology, a passive method that minimizes technician risk and battery stress.

The conductance testing method is recognised by IEEE standard for the testing of lead-acid batteries with proven correlation to battery capacity. No calibration needed as fully compliant with relevant NIST standard.

It is an efficient and accurate battery tester which is an ideal addition to every technicians tool kit.

 Yuasa YSP-117 SecurePower Battery Tester Specification

  • Tests 6V and 12V batteries
  • Helps to ensure the operation of critical systems despite power loss
  • Prioritises battery replacements and additional testing for cost effective system management
  • No external power source needed


Use of sealed lead-acid batteries for security systems, emergency lighting, mobility vehicles, uninterruptible power supplies

Operating range

  • 6 and 12 volt nominal batteries from 1.2 to 25 ampere hours in capacity
  • Voltmeter: +6.0 to +14.0 VDC
  • Conductance: 20 to 600 siemens
  • Operating Temperature: -18 to 50ºC


  • Take battery off line when fully charged
  • Set up using Yuasa published value for appropriate battery
  • Warning level at 60-70% of nominal conductance
  • Reject/ Fail level at 50% of nominal conductance


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