22Nov 2012
by Nick Potter

Redlam Panic Bolts Deal Secured For Leeds Met University

The Safety Centre have recently secured a deal to supply Leeds Met University with Redlam Panic Bolt replacement tubes.  These tubes are designed for use in the redlam panic bolt housing once the bolt has been smashed.
Redlam Panic Bolts


The Safety Centre can supply the Redlam Panic Bolts in the Mk1 and Mk 2 versions aswell as the replacement Ceramtubes for use within the Redlam Panic Bolt housing.

These units are ideal for use on emergency exit doors on escape routes where the doors are not accessible in normal everyday situations.  The idea of the Redlam Panic Bolts is that the door can then be used as an escape route in an emergency situation by breaking the tube within the enclosure which allows the door to be accessed.

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